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Onlays in Wimbledon

In certain clinical cases onlays are indicated instead of conventional fillings to restore damaged teeth. Fillings are soft to begin with and are moulded in the tooth which has been shaped to take and hold the filling and then set hard. Onlays are made outside the mouth, usually in a dental laboratory on a model of your teeth and then bonded or cemented to the tooth in the surgery.

What is an onlay?

An onlay sits on the tooth and builds up its shape. Onlays can be made in tooth-coloured porcelain, gold or a white filling material called composite. Every material has different properties, advantages and disadvantages and the choice of the best material for every case depends on a number of clinical factors.

An onlay is prepared by the dentist and made by a dental technician.

What will my Dentist do?

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When is an Onlay Indicated?

Onlays are indicated for back teeth (premolars+molars) in cases where:

Is it Uncomfortable or Painful to Have an Onlay Made?

No. The procedure is not painful because a local anaesthetic is used during the preparation of the tooth and the taking of the impression.

What are the Benefits of Onlays

What role does the dental technician play?

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Mark ShiptonDental Plan Service Testimonial
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I joined here as my first private dentist, after many horrible experiences with NHS dentists. This is the first dentist in my life that has actually made me feel at ease. I used to have a full on phobia of the dentist, but I don't worry at all when I go here as everyone is calm and welcoming. Sophie on reception remembers your name and is really friendly. They run a dental plan service that allows me to afford private dental, so this is a no brainer for me. Totally recommended.
AmandaInvisalign Testimonial
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Would highly recommend this dentist practice!! Friendly and professional team and excellent service!! I went in for an Invisalign treatment and Dr Malaak, Sophie and team were super helpful in explaining each step with various checkups throughout the process. They were also amazingly accommodating during lockdown, being flexible with appointments and making special arrangements when needed. I am super happy with the results! Cannot stop smiling ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Rafal AlramadhanInvisalign Patient Testimonial
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I have had my Invisalign treatment which was done by Dr.Ammar, my teeth look amazing, I can smile without feeling embarrassed anymore, I am so grateful for the support from Dr. Ammar, he is amazing and so professional. Highly recommended.
Neal BeckettGeneral Dentistry Testimonial
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Very friendly, professional experience in this wonderful centrally located dental practice. Always seen on time, carefully explaining treatments and Iโ€™ve had no problems at all with any of my dental work.
Sundus MatloubDental Implant Testimonial
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I recently had an implant done here and I could not recommend this dentistry enough! They really put me at ease and were effortlessly comforting, such lovely individuals are working there and the implant was done perfectly. I am very happy with their work!
Sara AmiriGeneral Dentistry Testimonial
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Excellent service, very professional and am extremely happy with the results!
Amy WongDental Implant Testimonial
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I could not recommend my dental implant treatment here enough. Dr Malaak, Dr Ahmed, Sophie and the whole team completely put me at ease. They were extremely caring, accommodating and attentive throughout my whole procedure. An excellent, friendly and very professional service. I am so happy with the results.