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    Time is important but when it comes to Dental Implants we will ensure we take the time to listen and check what you need – We will provide the best options and if we feel you don’t need implants we will tell you and offer another alternative.

    Smile Guarantee

    You will receive the best dental implant treatment at Wimbledon Dental – We will ensure that you are looked after and consulted at every stage to ensure you are happy with the progress of your implant treatment.


    Quality should always come first and where needed our 0% Finance options ensure you receive the quality that looks good, lasts and restores your dental function.

    Quality Implant Systems

    We use Osstem Implants, which is the No1. Placed Implant (2018). Osstem Implants are extensively researched and clinically tested and use the latest material technology. They are a world leader in the dental implant field.

    “I was very nervous when I walked in but the treatment went very smoothly with Dr. Malaak . She is very knowledgeable and understanding. Thank you for everything , I will recommend you to my whole family and friends.” Basma Altaaee

    “Having implants and very pleased so having another one. Most importantly, painless. Phil and the team make it a pleasure to come to the dentist!”

    Quality Dental Implants in Wimbledon

    Everything Explained Clearly with Clear Options

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    Spread Your Payments with 0% Finance


    Single/Multiple Implants

    Smile -line (front teeth) & Molars (back teeth)

    Restore your ‘smile line’ / Fill in molar gaps – Our single Implant will quickly close your gap and restore your smile. We can restore larger gaps with a dental bridge attached to several titanium dental implants.



    – Free Consultation
    – Detailed Treatment Plan
    – High Quality Osstem Implant Placement
    – High Quality Porcelain Crown
    – 3 month After Care & Hygiene

    Save £500 on Single Implants and 10% off on Multiple Implants

    Single Implant: £2,500 £2000
    Or *£250/Month



    – CT Scan (If Required)
    – Bone Grafts (If Required)


    Example based on 0% FInance for 6 months & £500 deposit. – Other options also available

    Implant Retained Denture

    Rock -solid Dentures

    The removable nature of dentures results in uncontrolled movement – This can be solved by Implant Retained Dentures which secure your dentures in place by providing a solid base that is directly attached to your jawbone.



    – Free Consultation
    – Detailed Treatment Plan
    – 2 to 4 Implants
    – Ball or Bar-retained Denture
    – High Quality Denture Attached to Your New Implants
    – 3 month After Care & Hygiene

    Implant Retained Dentures with 2 Implants: £6,000 Per Jaw

    Or *£666.67/Month


    Implant Retained Dentures with 4 Implants: £8,000 Per Jaw

    Or *£1,000/Month



    – CT Scan (If Required)
    – Bone Grafts (If Required)


    Example based on 0% FInance for 6 months & £2,000 deposit. – Other options also available

    Full Mouth Dental Implants

    All on 4 Dental Implants / Teeth in a Day

    A full smile restored using 4-6 implants. Also known as All on 4/6 dental implants. Benefits include Immediate functional improvement and aesthetic improvement. The technique is minimally-invasive with a shorter recovery period.



    – Free Consultation
    – Detailed Treatment Plan
    – 4 to 6 Implants Per Jaw
    – Temporary Functional Teeth on the Same Day
    – Final High Quality Full Ceramic Bridge
    – Follow-up Appointments & Hygiene

    From £12,000 Per Jaw
    Or *£1,500/Month



    – CT Scan (If Required)
    – Bone Grafts (If Required)


    Example based on 0% FInance for 6 months & £3,000 deposit. – Other options also available

    Wimbledon Dental & Implant Centre is OPEN durring lockdown. We are a Covid-19 Safe dental practice and accept patients for in-clinic consultations and treatments.
    During your visit, you will see changes to the way we work. These changes are designed to ensure your safety. Please stay safe.

    Dr Malaak Al-Rawi

    BDS 2003, ORE (UK) 2013

    Dr Malaak is driven by a genuine care for her patients. She takes pride in achieving the highest standards possible in every task. She continuously develops her skills and keeps up to date in the evolving field of dental implantology.


    Dr Malaak Al-Rawi has successfully completed Osseointegrated certificate course in Implant dentistry in 2013. She has a great interest in dental implant treatment and bringing back patients smiles to their full potential.


    My GDC (General Dental Council) No: 147488

    We Take Great Pride In Our Work

    • Highest Standard of Dental Care
      Dr Malaak and her team have built up Wimbledon Dental & Implant Centre on the quality of care that they provide – Book a Free Consult to meet the team to experience first-hand how your treatment will start and proceed.

    • Dental Implants are not simply a cosmetic choice
      Implants should do more than just fill a gap – they should look natural, feel good in your mouth and more importantly they should function like proper dentition, allowing you to eat and chew what you want.

    • Choose quality over ‘cheap’
      Implants are not always cheap as the components, procedure, expertise in fitting them should all be taken into consideration – that’s why a lot of our patients opt for 0% Finance to help them get what they really.

    • You Will See The Same Dental Implantologist on Each Visit
      There s nothing more off-putting then seeing different dentists each time you visit a clinic – At Wimbledon Dental & Implant Centre we will do our utmost to ensure you are seen by the same dentist each time.

    Ask Here or Book a Free Consultation for Implants, Braces or Cosmetic Dentistry.


      Ask Here or Book a Free Consultation for Implants, Braces or Cosmetic Dentistry.