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Private fees & Offers

We Offer 0% (INTEREST-FREE!) Finance for up to 10 months. Please ask for details.

Whilst we make every attempt to ensure that prices are kept up to date, the figures below are subject to change from time to time and may not be completely accurate.

Emergency treatment for non registered patients£45-£120
Hygiene with dentist£63
Child Hygiene (under 13)£29
Home Tooth Whiteningboth arches from£350
X-rays (digital)Bite wingeach£12
ExtractionsRoutine (including post operative care)from£100
Surgical (including post operative care)from£150
Amalgam (silver) fillingsSmallfrom£90
Composite (white) fillingsSmallfrom£115
White composite veneerfrom£180
Root Canal TreatmentAnteriorseach£350
RE Root Canal Treatmentfrom£595
Crowns and BridgesCrownsfrom£595
Recementation of crown/onlay (if possible)£50
Bridgesper unit from£490
Recementation of bridge (if possible)£80
Adhesive bridgefrom£560
Rebonding of adhesive bridge (if possible)from£80
 DenturesFull upper & lower acrylic set£1,300
Full upper or full lower acrylic£700
Partial acrylicfrom£460
Partial cobalt chromefrom£750
Denture repairsfrom£80
Night Guardeach£199
Sports Mouthguardeach£150
Dental ImplantsConsultation for registered patientsFree of charge
Consultation for referred patients£85
Single placementfrom£1,950
Multiple placementsfrom (per implant+crown)£1,850
All On 4 (removable dentures supported by implants)from (per arch)£8,000
All On 4 (fixed bridge over implants)from (per arch)£12,000
OrthodonticsInvisalign Fullfrom (both arches, up to 12 months treatments)£3,850
 Invisalign Express (includes 7 aligners)from£1,950
 Invisalign Lite
includes 14 aligners (about 7 months treatment)
 Invisalign Go
includes up to 21 aligners (about 2 months treatment)
 All Invisalign treatments include Home Whitening Kit (worth £250) and Removable Clear Retainers (worth £500)
Inman Alignersfrom (per arch)£1,250
Fastbraces Clear OfferOffer Price: £3,450 (save £500)
Fastbraces Combo OfferOffer Price: £2,950 (save £500)
Fastbraces Metal OfferOffer Price: £2,450 (save £500)
Fatbraces Offers include two arches of Clear retainers (worth £500) and Home Whitening Kit (worth £250)
Missed appointments
(where time cannot be covered)
per 15mins£30
Missed Hygienist appointment£53
PeriodonticsPeriodontal Treatmentfrom£180
Crow’s feet and around the eyesfrom£150
Smokers lines and marionette linesfrom£150
Additional areasfrom£65
Neck liftfrom£350
Excess sweating and hyperhidrosisfrom£450
Facial fillers areasLip augmentationfrom£250
Nasolabial linesfrom£250
Mouth cornersfrom£250
Cheek augmentationfrom£450
Platelet rich plasma PRP (3 sessions for first treatment)from£350
Mole removal, shave excision and cauteryfrom£190
Skin rejuvenations creamsZO skin health packs level I, II and IIIfrom£120
Skin peelsfrom£120
Serum and SPF creamsfrom£120
Million dollar Facial (Rose treatment with Dermaplaning)£85

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